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RAGBRAI LI Wristband Transfers

  • 31 May, 2024
  • Andrea Parrott

Ready to join us for RAGBRAI LI? Or did something come up and you have an extra wristband? Well look no further – RAGBRAI Wristband Transfers open June 1, and in this post we’ll cover how to find a buyer/seller and complete the transfer process.

Need a vehicle pass? Vehicle passes are currently sold out! You can visit the RAGBRAI LI Wristband Transfer Facebook group to see if someone is selling their vehicle pass.

Selling your vehicle pass? You can resell your vehicle pass at the same time you sell your registration credentials however the vehicle pass will not transfer via EnMotive. If you still have questions email us at info@ragbrai.com.

Need a wristband? Check out the RAGBRAI LI Wristband Transfer group on Facebook. Sellers post new wristbands each day.

No longer able to attend? The deadline to cancel was May 1, 2024. We will no longer accommodate refund requests at this time. You are able to resell your credentials (wristband, bike band, baggage tag, and bike license plate) via the RAGBRAI LI Wristband Transfer group on Facebook. Once the transaction is agreed upon, the seller will need to go to https://enmotive.com/users/login to officially move the registration from their account into the new rider’s account. Instructions are below for transferring through EnMotive. Please note that without this step your transfer is NOT accepted by RAGBRAI. 

Packet shipping timeline. Each registrant, riders and non-riders, will receive a registrant packet with their credentials and a vehicle pass, if applicable. Packets are mailed at random and will arrive between June 8th – July 8th to the shipping address provided in EnMotive. 

If you are on a team, your team captain will receive your registration packet and is responsible for distributing to you.

How to locate your Wristband #: Weeklong riders will receive an email with their wristband numbers. Day pass riders will receive an email for each pass purchased. Each email will have your wristband NUMBER for the day associated with that registration. 

To view your wristband number in EnMotive follow the steps below:

    1. Go to https://enmotive.com/users/login
    2. Click login in the upper right corner
    3. Scroll to Current and Upcoming Events
    4. Click the blue Actions dropdown
    5. Select View Registration
    6. Your wristband number will appear here

Steps to completing the wristband transfer process

Once you’ve sold your wristband and received the money. You will need to complete the steps below to officially transfer your wristband credentials to your buyer. Please reach out to info@ragbrai.com if you have any questions.

Step 1: The seller identifies a buyer and arranges the “sale” of the registration credentials. The credentials include a wristband, bike band, luggage tag, license plate, and a participant guide.

Step 2: Once the seller and the buyer agree to the terms the seller must initiate the transfer in the EnMotive registration system to ensure the wristband number is transferred and the buyer signs the waiver. Failure to do this step renders the sale invalid to RAGBRAI.

Step 3: To transfer the registration in EnMotive follow the steps below.

  1. The seller goes to https://enmotive.com/users/login.
  2. Clicks login in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click “registrations” and find your registration tile in Upcoming Events.
  4. Click the 3 dots in the upper corner of your registration tile and select “Transfer registration.”
  5. Type in the buyer’s email address.
  6. An email will be sent to the buyer’s email (if you don’t see the email, be sure to check your Spam folder).
  7. The buyer has 48 hours to click the transfer link in the email and complete the process. If it expires the seller we have to follow the steps above to resend the transfer link.
  8. The buyer clicks the transfer link to accept the transfer offer and then follows the steps of registration.
  9. Once the buyer completes the transfer no further action is needed by either the seller or the buyer.
  10. Transferred wristband numbers will automatically show up in the buyers profile once the transaction is complete.
PLEASE NOTE: The registration packet will be sent to the seller (we have to do this to get registration packets out to all riders in time for the ride). The seller will need to arrange to ship their packet to the buyer once it is received.


  1. Elise Morvant

    Looking for a weeklong wristband for Ragbrai 2024. Please contact me at emmorvant@gmail.com if you have one to sell! Thanks!

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