Registration for Great Iowa Fall Ride Open!

RAGBRAI Lottery Results Are In!

  • 30 April, 2016

Did you make the cut? Do you know where you will be spending your vacation during the last full week of July 2016? Emails have been sent to those who are included in the RAGBRAI XLIV lottery. If you didn’t receive your email, check your profile to see if you have been assigned a wristband number.

Go to your User Profile, your wristband number will display on the top of the page under your User Name, and on the Registration Status tab.

If a wristband number does not display, and you aren’t part of the lottery this year, you still have a chance. Registration for day passes will be available online until June 1, 2016. Day passes will also be available for purchase on the ride while supplies last.
We will see you in July!


  1. meeooow

    I thought we could look up our name & see if we got in?

  2. Mary Deleon

    Once you log in go to your profile and there you will see it.

  3. Tawnia Laconca

    Exciting!! How many riders are registered so far?

  4. CathyLTextor

    Hey, I can’t even remember my user name. Can I log in somehow using my fb account or any other way?

  5. tjcardwell

    What exactly is the RAGBRAI Lottery? Is it just confirming my registration?

  6. Amanda

    I think you can click forgot your password and user name. You can’t get there with a facebook sign in. Unless of course, your user name and password are the same. :)

    The lottery determines whose registration is “picked” to ride. Just because you registered doesn’t always mean you are in. There are only so many wristbands available. If you didn’t get in, look on the forum. There are people who got their wristband and can’t go so they are selling them.

    Hope I answered everyone’s questions!

  7. Jim Carmichael

    Where can I find the “host families” site?

  8. scottyfromaberdeen

    My user profile says I am not registered yet. I have a confirmation letter to the contrary. I have been registered for three months and three days. What is my status now. Thank you. Robert Easson

  9. stevenmwastler

    Hello World, Ragbrai Rocks. I am sooooOOOooohhhhhHHhh ready to ride as I am graduating with a double major this coming Friday May 13, 2016. My publisher Tate Publishing is excited to have an author making this trek as I work on completing the final production of my new novel on the ride as well as great new story ideas. Here are a few of my Steven Music Films to Rock along the way. Enjoy this great day, and OOOOOoooohhhhh, I got a lottery wristband. Now Rock That. My name is Steven. Rock On.

  10. jmolloy45

    two of us are driving from the boston area for the ride. is there anyone that wants to join us?

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