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RAGBRAI mobile site is live

  • 25 June, 2009

ragsiteWe’ve been working on a mobile version of the RAGBRAI web site, and I’m happy to announce that we have a site up and ready for your feedback.

You can find the site at Please take a look at the site on  your mobile device and let us know what you think.

We’ll use the site to update you with important information during the ride. You’ll also be able to access the RAGBRAI blog and latest forum comments on the site. We will include weather reports from all of the overnight towns.

We plan to continue to improve the site leading up to the ride, so please share your feedback in the comments section here.

We also want to know exactly what information you want on the site – both yearround and during the ride.

– Chris Snider, Des Moines Register (


  1. Grandpa Dave

    How about getting the iPhone specific mobile maps working with other mobile smartphones? No joy with Palm Treo.

  2. dbkguy

    Can you put the count down timer on site somehow?

    Even if you have to refressh the page. I really like the counter.


  3. dbkguy

    Hey, love the iPhone friendly maps. Thanks

  4. Cecil and Gayle Marjaniemi

    Way to go Phil Mumford..signing in again. Keep in touch. . This must be yur 7th ride.

  5. Jos

    Thank you. Much easier than trying to navigate the regular website from my phone!

  6. rclark1018

    Like it, weather is most important to me, maybe place closer to the top. had to scroll down a bit to find it. Defintily more important than the store – don’t shop alot on the phone.

  7. pat green

    Shouldn’t the dates of Ragbrai be displayed prominently somewhere on the main page? I’ve been looking for ten minutes now and can’t find the dates for Ragrbai 2009!


    Very nice! iphone maps VERY COOL!!!!!

  9. Kimm (@geekcoach)

    Still working on having husband test the mobile site. In the meantime, what about also sending important messages via Twitter or SMS? If you go w/ Twitter, I’ll make sure to set Device=On for @RAGBRAI or whatever account you use for messaging.

  10. Kimm (@geekcoach)

    I guess it’s more likely to be @RAGBRAI_Iowa?

  11. Dennis

    Figure it out.

  12. Opie

    I can not see the maps on my BlackBerry Storm. Says the files are too large

  13. Hammy

    My Blackberry Curve does not show the maps, says the file entity too large.

  14. Kathy Selles

    The weather info is quite basic. It would be great to see a forecast specific to the region of the day, including high and low temps, chance of precipitation, wind speed and direction.

  15. David Digby

    The site works perfectly on my Palm T/X. Thanks!

  16. Paul Filliman

    I agree with Kathy. Put the weather for each day where it is easy to find.

  17. Doug Tidd

    Site works great on my Palm Pre

  18. perrypucker

    This is excellent! Thanks so much.

  19. kd

    I can’t view maps either on my BlackBerry Pearl. It tells me the files are too large.

  20. Chris Snider

    I made the map files smaller. Can someone test them out who was having trouble before?

    -Chris Snider,

  21. KLakin

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    Set all Bluetooth devices to “hidden,” not to “discoverable.”,2933,531380,00.html

    Enjoy rides, wish I was able to eat rhurbarb pie in Emerson!

  22. Tim Cordell

    Go Team Coe College!! Susan and Nick you all ROCK!!! Be safe! xoxo, Tim

  23. Pat Mace

    If you click on the link above you get a message saying that this site does not exist. Is this the correct address or am I missing something?

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