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RAGBRAI Registration Packages

  • 29 May, 2015
  • Scott Garner

The first of many shipments of RAGBRAI registration packages is on its way.  It will take about 6 weeks to mail out all the packages for those who registered by the April 1 deadline.  After that, we will mail out packages for those who registered for day passes through the June 1 deadline.  You will receive an email when your package is sent.  It will arrive either via USPS or UPS.  If you registered as an individual, the package will be sent to the shipping address you have on file with us.  If you registered as part of a group, the packages will be sent to the group contact.

When you receive your package be sure to check the contents.  There is a packing slip listing everything that should be in your package.  Weeklong riders will receive 5 numbered items:  red rider band,  blue bike band, luggage tag, license plate, and patch certificate.  Day riders will receive a numbered rider band for each day selected, unnumbered blue bike band, unnumbered luggage tag, and unnumbered license plate.  Non-riders will have a numbered green wristband only.  All vehicle passes requested will be included in the package.  All jerseys, shorts, and bibs ordered with registration will be included.  If you ordered a RAGBRAI souvenir pack there will be a water bottle and t-shirt included.  The DVD will be sent after the ride.  The premium pack poster will be sent after the ride.  The group contact can check their group summary for the size t-shirts for each member’s souvenir pack.  Each rider will have a 2015 participant guide.

If any sizes are wrong or if anything is missing, email us at info@ragbrai.com.  There will be an exchange/refund form included with your package.  You can exchange or refund your jersey, shorts, or bibs by returning them to us by July 1, or you can exchange them on the ride at the RAGBRAI merchandise trailer.

There is no need to check in on the first day of the ride.  Everything you need is included in your registration package.

See you in July!


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