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RAGBRAI Riders Will Stay Connected Across Iowa with Verizon Wireless’ Enhanced Network Support

  • 19 July, 2012

Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, will boost network capacity in cities and highways along this year’s route for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI®) July 22-28.  

In addition, the company will deploy temporary cell sites, known as Cell on Light Trucks (COLTS), in three communities:   

  • Lake View on July 23;
  • Webster City on July 24;
  • and Anamosa on July 27.

Verizon Wireless’ fleet of COLTS provides service at special events, such as RAGBRAI, that demand additional network capacity. These temporary cell sites are equivalent to the highest capacity stationary site presently in Iowa and are able to process thousands of calls every hour. They are primarily designed for use when natural disasters or other unplanned events interrupt wireless voice and data service.

“As the official wireless provider for RAGBRAI, we are committed to serving our customers as well as the ride organizers along this year’s route,” said Seamus Hyland, president─Great Plains Region, Verizon Wireless. “Based on our research, we anticipate each of these Iowa communities will experience more than double the wireless phone usage during the ride’s tour stops than would occur during an average summer day. We are prepared to deliver the best wireless network and services for visitors, journalists and local residents.”

Heading into its 40th year, RAGBRAI is the longest, largest and oldest touring bicycle ride in the world. RAGBRAI’s 10,000 riders will attract an estimated 10,000 viewers at most stops along the route.        

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  1. Matt

    This is why I love Verizon.

  2. MJG

    Will this also benefit those who use a different service provider?

  3. cubbies1945

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  4. Edward Anania

    If I knew VZW was the provider in perpetuity for RAGBRAI, I would switch.

  5. Christopher D

    Verizon Doesn’t work in Sioux Center.

  6. Bill Chamberlin

    ATT Service has been horrible. Have not been able to talk to my family since Saturday.

  7. Grumpy Citizen

    Verizon’s efforts were very ineffective in Vinton, today! Total dead space. Many riders were left unable to locate teammates, and the rest of us were out of luck for whatever we had hoped to use our phones for!!

  8. Uhaul

    was this a joke? i have Verizon & didn’t have a signal until Wednesday. i camped 2 blocks from the expo on Saturday & had nothing. WTG, VZW~~

  9. Barney Fife

    I too have Verizon and found little, if any, coverage until Wednesday. Phone calls unable to connect, text and email slow or bounced back. Once Wednesday rolled around, and beyond, all was satisfactory.

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