RAGBRAI Route Inspection Pre-Ride Day 5 – Waterloo to Anamosa

  • 10 June, 2021
  • Andrea Parrott

Purple rain, purple rain… oh wait it was a beautiful sunny day today. Never mind! On to Anamosa! We had 14 riders this morning to ride from Waterloo to Anamosa.

Good morning from the RAGBRAI Route Inspection Pre Ride! Looking forward to experiencing Waterloo again in a few weeks!

Today’s ride was 83.7 miles with approximately 2,187 feet of climb. Those who rode the Karras Loop tackled 110.8 miles and 3,894 feet of climb. Yes that’s an additional 1,700 feet of climb for the loopers! On our way from Waterloo to Anamosa, we visited Evansdale, Elk Run Heights, Raymond (first visit), Jesup (first visit), Shady Grove, Rowley, Walker, Center Point, Alice, and Central City. Click this text for a map of the fifth day of RAGBRAI XLVIII.

Photos from our trip are below – but be sure to scroll down for details on the day’s ride and our overnight town, Anamosa!

Meeting with the Mayor and Public Works Manager in Jesup

Brainstorming with the Mayor in Rowley

We didn’t do much walking in Walker, they gave us a lift on their gator!

Center Point’s theme is Go Pig or Go Home!

Matching in Central City on RAGBRAI Jersey Day

There is a great bar on the loop called FB & Co

Go big or go home in Anamosa! The statue is called God Bless America by Seward Johnson, based on the American Gothic by Grant Wood.

Thursday on RAGBRAI XLVIII is Karras Loop Day and RAGBRAI Jersey Day!

Karras Loop Day
Turn your average RAGBRAI day into a bigger day with an optional 27.3 mile loop. Crew members will be on the route passing out loop patches to registered riders and if we’re lucky, John Karras will be there to cheer you along. Sadly, Karras wasn’t on the loop during the route inspection. See you in July, John!

RAGBRAI Jersey Day
Celebrate all that is RAGBRAI by wearing your 2021 RAGBRAI Jersey featuring the “On the Road Again” XLVIII logo.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride today. We started off flat as we pedaled through most of the day. Then once we hit Central City… the hills began!! But since we have been biking all week so far and had a fairly flat day beforehand, they were a piece of cake. We also had our first rain of the week as we pedaled into Anamosa, and let me tell you it was very welcome as it cut into the humidity, cooled us off, and provided a nice tailwind. Not all rain is bad on the bike! Be sure to keep your head up and eyes open as you bike into Anamosa as the scenery is gorgeous – just like living in a Grant Wood painting.

For a description of our visits to each pass-through town, check out today’s episode of the JustGoBike podcast! Featuring Kathy “Murphology” Murphy and Andrea “ParrotTalk” Parrott! You can find it wherever you like to listen to podcasts, or follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/justgobike/just-go-bike-preride-day-5

We’re going to Go Pig or Go Home in Center Point! Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans – just click this text!

Click here for photos from today’s ride by Brian Powers of The Des Moines Register! 


In Anamosa, size matters and they like them big! Look before you go there, Anamosa is known for their MASSIVE pumpkins as well as their VERY LARGE “God Bless America” statue which is an oversized depiction of the American Gothic couple. You’ll be able to see the giant statue while you visit on RAGBRAI!

Anamosa is a picturesque community is situated in the heart of scenic Jones County. The landscape is rich with rolling green hills, farms and scenic views dotted along the Wapsipinicon River. This natural beauty has been immortalized in the work of one of Anamosa’s favorite sons, Grant Wood. While Anamosa has grown and progressed since Grant Wood’s time, they have not lost the small town quality that is hard to find today.

Anamosa is also home to the National Motorcycle Museum. The Museum was founded in 1989 by people who love motorcycling. Engineers, racers, bike builders, tuners and others as far back as the late 1800′s built the groundwork for what motorcycling has become. The museum also has an amazing display of rare antique bicycles on display.

Click this text for more information on Anamosa’s RAGBRAI Plans!

Click this text for more fun facts about Anamosa!

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We recorded a preview of our journey from Le Mars to Sac City on the JustGoBike Podcast! Listen here:

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Have a great day and we will check in with you tomorrow! – Andrea

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