RAGBRAI Route Inspection Pre-Ride Day 6 – Anamosa to DeWitt

  • 11 June, 2021
  • Andrea Parrott

We had some BIG fun over in Anamosa and we were more than a little bit sad to leave. But we’ll be back in just over a month. We had about 15 riders gathered this morning to ride from Anamosa to DeWitt.

Proceeds from Anamosa RAGBRAI will go toward purchasing this statue so it can stay in town permanently!

Today’s ride was 64.3 miles with approximately 1,484 feet of climb. On our way from Anamosa to DeWitt, we visited Hale, Oxford Junction, Lost Nation, and Calamus (first visit). Click this text for a map of the sixth day of RAGBRAI XLVIII.

Photos from our trip are below – but be sure to scroll down for details on the day’s ride and our overnight town, DeWitt!

The Hale Tap and Supper Club was perfect for College Jersey Day!

Suffice to say we had fun in Oxford Junction!

It’s always a good day to have a good day in Lost Nation!

Future site of the Calamus mural! It will be there by RAGBRAI.

Ended our day with a stop at the Hausbarn in De Witt!

Friday on RAGBRAI XLVIII is College Jersey Day!

College Jersey Day
Show your college spirit! Put your allegiance on display and celebrate your college loyalty. (Go Butler! – Andrea)

It was a humid but otherwise glorious day to ride from Anamosa to De Witt. Overall the roads were in great shape. As you might expect we hit some hills coming out of Anamosa – be sure to get that hill training in! It will only help you coming in and out of Anamosa. The better in shape you are, the more you can check out the gorgeous scenery on the route. You know how people say “one more hill” but they are totally lying? Today we heard that the hills leveled out after Lost Nation… and it was actually true! After almost a full week of biking, we enjoyed a smooth ride into De Witt. A big THANK YOU to all the towns for their hospitality today!

Click here for photos from today’s ride by Brian Powers of The Des Moines Register! 

For a description of our visits to each pass-through town, check out today’s episode of the JustGoBike podcast! Featuring Kathy “Murphology” Murphy and Andrea “ParrotTalk” Parrott! You can find it wherever you like to listen to podcasts or follow this link:https://soundcloud.com/justgobike/just-go-bike-preride-day-6 

Sneak peek of the mural you’ll see in Calamus on Day 6 of RAGBRAI!


This will be our first time visiting DeWitt as an overnight town! We passed through there way back in 1994 on our way from Maquoketa to Clinton.

DeWitt was originally named Vandenburg but was later named DeWitt after DeWhitt Clinton, an early American politician who served as a US Senator and the 7th Governor of New York.

Notable former residents of DeWitt include David C. Hilmers, NASA astronaut and JoAnna Lund, author and cook.

Don’t miss their immaculate Hausbarn Museum, which originates from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and was built in 1727. In 2007, the building was dismantled and brought to DeWitt where it was reassembled in 2008 with the help of many community volunteers. The Hausbarn’s recreated exterior has retained its historical integrity, including an impressive thatched roof.

We also enjoyed stopping by Westbrook Park which has bike trails leading all over town, and a dog park. There will also be some RAGBRAI campers in the park.

The Clinton County Fairgrounds are also located in DeWitt, although unfortunately, we will just miss the fair. You’ll still want to stop by if you are into horticulture as they have gorgeous gardens run by Master Gardeners.

We also have it on good authority that there are three ice cream shops in DeWitt.

Click this text for more information on DeWitt RAGBRAI Plans!

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We recorded a preview of our journey from Le Mars to Sac City on the JustGoBike Podcast! Listen here:

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Have a great day and we will check in with you tomorrow! – Andrea

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