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RAGBRAI Route Inspection Pre-Ride Recap Day 2 – Ida Grove to Pocahontas

  • 15 June, 2022
  • Andrea Parrott

After a knockout night of bowling in Ida Grove, we were rested and ready to hit the road to Pocahontas. If you happen to be lucky enough to stop by the Ida Bowl, get the nachos!

Sixteen riders gathered on this rainy Monday morning. Day Two’s ride was 71.2 miles with approximately 1,694 feet of climb. On our way from Ida Grove to Pocahontas, we visited Galva, Schaller, Nemaha, Newell (Meeting Town), and Fonda. Click this text for a map of the second day of RAGBRAI XLIX.

As you can see from the mileage for Day Two, the hills flattened out a little bit for this day of riding, but there was enough elevation change to keep things interesting. Even though it was rainy we sailed along through the miles.

This incredible castle guarded by knights in shining armor is a bridge at the Ida Grove Golf and Country Club. They will be open for golf on the day of RAGBRAI – until they run out of carts.

Monday of RAGBRAI XLIX is PeopleForBikes Day! PeopleForBikes’ mission is to get more people on bikes more often – and to make bike rides better for everyone. We unite our 1.4 million supporters, bike businesses and Ride Spot retailer members to build connected bike networks across the country. Learn more at peopleforbikes.org and ridespot.org.

Day Two of RAGBRAI XLIX Is also College Jersey Day! Show your college spirit! Put your allegiance on display and celebrate your college loyalty. (Go Butler! – Andrea)



We stopped to warm up and dry off in Galva – and it will be a tasty breakfast stop on the ride. The Sizzlin’ J Bar and Grill in the photo above will be serving breakfast pizza and a breakfast buffet, in addition to several traveling vendors, including: Chris Cakes, HOQ Restaurant, Wine on Wheels, and more!

It’s hard to believe but it can be chilly in Iowa during the summer months, specifically when it’s rainy and windy. It’s a good idea to pack a light rain jacket or the tried-and-true RAGBRAI rain jacket, a trash bag with holes cut in it. We also like to pack hand warmers just in case, but we’re boujie like that.



Schaller is the self-proclaimed Popcorn Capital of the World, and for good reason. They were and still are a major popcorn growing hub for major brands like Jolly Time. So you’ll be able to pop some popcorn at the Schaller Chamber, but they’ll also have an antique tractor display, an Avenue of Flags, and other food vendors like Smoothie Revolution, Wine on Wheels, and Gatorade and bananas at the Fire Department.
Speaking of great vendors, we stopped at the Public Library for cookies, donut holes, much-needed coffee, and great conversation with the library staff. On the ride the Library will not be open but the next door chamber will (see above). While we were there, Matt spotted two girls selling lemonade, cookies and bracelets further down the block. He asked them to bring their wares to the Library and we bought almost all of their stock – highly recommended on all counts! They will be selling from their front yard on RAGBRAI.
Want to check out Schaller before the big ride? We recommend Popcorn Days which are July 8 and 9 this year.



About four miles before Nemaha, you can find these cool wood carved vulture statues – keep your eyes out for the photo op!

As we rolled into Nemaha, it was rainy and cold. But we smelled… turkey!!?! And to our delight the Nemaha RAGBRAI Committee was grilling turkey tenders and pork burgers. When I say we are still dreaming of the turkey over a week later… it had some kind of secret recipe marinade and was out of this world!!

Nemaha is going to be your go-to first lunch stop of the day. There will be other lunch stops but this is your first one! And believe me go looking for those turkey tenders. Proceeds benefit the historical building and the National History Society. Other vendors will include Hazel’s Restaurant, soft pretzels, mini donuts, 4H with Gatorade and other delights, Cottonwood, Nemaha Grill, and Wine on Wheels with a DJ. Oh… and they will also have dancing tractors! You will have to bike to Nemaha to see what we mean by dancing tractors..



Newell’s theme is One in a Melon! Follow their page on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans – just click this text! Newell will be our Meeting Town for Day Two of RAGBRAI XLIX.
We had our first police escort of the week as we wheeled into Newell! AP also collects Fire Truck photos and she was able to pose with her first truck of the week here, a Ford FF50.
We stopped at the Newell Golf Course for lunch – they are always incredible hosts! They had a selection of their many local vendors that will be with us on RAGBRAI including Staley’s Chicken Tenderloins, drumsticks and steak sandwiches, B.V. County Pork Producers with pie, Newell – Fonda Athletic Boosters with root beer floats, Newell Food Pantry, Big Dill Pickle Booth, Smokin’ Hereford BBQ (from Storm Lake) and more. We double dog dare you to try them all! Oh yeah and the mixed beverages served at the Golf Course were pretty good too.
We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our favorite watering hole in Newell – Screwy Louie’s! Thank you for the hospitality! They’ll have drinks (of course) and a dunk tank during the ride!



Fonda’s theme is Get Carried Away – Ride and Slide into Fonda! Follow their page on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans – just click this text! And yes you had better believe they will have a slip n slide for us! The main hub of food and entertainment will be at the Newell Fonda Baseball Fields at the edge of town. You can’t miss it!



Pocahontas is a community of 1,867 people located in Northwest Iowa. Our community-minded city offers the amenities of a larger city with small town charm. We invite you to visit Pocahontas and see why we are proud to call it home! Pocahontas is a great place to live, work and play. Let us prove it to you!

Pocahontas’ theme is You Are Going to Love Pocahontas 2022 – and we couldn’t agree more! This town of almost 2,000 is going to surprise you in all the best ways with their hospitality, personality, and RAGBRAI-readiness! We had a blast at Johnny’ B’s for dinner, and have also been enjoying dinner at The Zone (food and bowling!!) during our scouting trips.

While in Pocahontas your entertainment for the evening will include:

2:00 – 5:00 The PolkaToons

5:00 – 8:00 DJ Jimmy Jim

8:00 – 11:00 Pop Rocks

For more information on Pocahontas’ RAGBRAI plans, visit their page on our site: Pocahontas RAGBRAI

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pokyragbrai

Ready for more? 

For a description of our visits to each pass through town, check out the Day Two episode of the JustGoBike podcast! Featuring Kathy “Murphology” Murphy and Andrea “ParrotTalk” Parrott. You can find it wherever you like to listen to podcasts, or follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/justgobike/preride-ragbrai-route-inspection-ride-2022-day-2

You can also follow the Pre-Ride adventure and learn interesting tidbits about the route by following us on social media:
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Have a great day and happy trails! – Andrea

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