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RAGBRAI veterans stop for first taste of Zombie Burger

  • 23 July, 2013
  • Grant Rodgers


Just finished with the day’s ride from Perry, RAGBRAI veteran Kieran Cullen looked over the famously wonky menu items at Des Moines’ Zombie Burger.

He finally settled on the Undead Elvis – a burger featuring peanut butter and fried bananas – for his first experience at the restaurant in the East Village. A Storm Lake native, he wanted to try something new during the stop in Des Moines.

“Ok, give me something I haven’t ever gone to,” he told his friend, Des Moines native April Magneson, 20.

“Something real tasty,” his RAGBRAI teammate Alex Ocken, from Fort Wayne, Ind., chimed in.

The trio settled on Zombie Burger, a place that Cullen said he’d only heard of. Both Cullen and Magneson run track at Wartburg College, and always said they’d like to stop by after a meet sometime.

Cullen said the toughest RAGBRAI days are now behind them. Hot weather posed a challenge on Tuesday, when he and Ocken road the century loop together, and the hills will be tough in southeast Iowa, he said.

But from the patio at Zombie Burger, Cullen predicts the rest of the ride will be less demanding.

“It’s basically smooth sailing from here.”

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