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RAGBRAI XLI Pass-Through Town Spotlight – Minden (Sunday)

  • 24 June, 2013
  • Andrea Parrott

301 325 des.ragbraiXLSUNAMToday’s town spotlight is Minden, the meeting town for our first day of riding on Sunday, July 21. Though you may consider Minden small (home to 597 people, .5 sq. miles), residents are by no means short on hospitality and bikers who decide to stop are in for a treat. Maybe even more than one treat, as there will be LOTS of food options! The Minden Bowl Cafe and Lounge is known for having some of the best food in the area. Other food vendors will include chocolate covered bacon, root beer floats, cake, burritos, chicken, smoothies, BBQ sandwiches, ham balls, rice and noodles, pork tenderloins, and of course, pie! Fun fact- Minden is home to Kelly’s Berry Best Pies, a longtime RAGBRAI vendor often seen near Mr. Pork Chop. Wash it all down in the beer garden, or take a minute to digest and relax in the shade while listening to the DJ downtown. See you there on July 21!


  1. LinDa Stougard

    Love the Cherry Pie on the head shot. What I wouldn’t give to climb a cherry tree and pick them for just that purpose!

  2. Kelly ALfers

    Hope to have at least 23 varieties of pies there- a slice of Iowa!

  3. Gloria Borgstahl

    Save me a piece, I’m always towards the back of the pack.

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