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RAGBRAI XLIX Participant Guide

  • 18 July, 2022



  1. Matthew Lewis

    is there a PDF to dload to phone?

  2. mtg1

    Downloadable .pdf would be great!

  3. KenH

    This is not going to help us at all next week when we won’t be able to get a data connection when we are most likely to want to read it. The only thing that will help us is a pdf we can download to our phones and it needs to be available tomorrow, July 20th!

  4. Anne Lawrie

    Downloadable pdf button has been added.

  5. Anne Lawrie

    You can click the button under the participant guide flipbook and download it as a pdf

  6. markcosner

    Is there some reason the daily route maps are no where to be found? There should be a direct link on the home page there should be a link in “the ride” drop down menu.

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