RAGBRAI XLVI Route Preview - Denison

  • 2 March, 2018

The first in a series of chats with each of the RAGBRAI XLVI Overnight Towns! To kick things off, TJ chats with Evan Blakley about RAGBRAI’s exciting return to Denison after a long 17 years. Click the orange triangle below to begin listening to the podcast.

The JustGoBike Podcast is a collaboration of RAGBRAI and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition which talks about the fun side of cycling. Bike culture, happenings around the state, upcoming legislative action, and of course, plans for that big bike ride across Iowa. Episodes come out weekly, be sure to subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, the Play Store, or wherever you get your podcasts.


  1. Andrea Parrott

    Let us know if you have any topics you would like to hear about! We talk bikes, bike culture, pie… if it’s fun and bike related, we’ll cover it! You can post a message here, email us at justgobikepodcast@gmail.com, or reach out to us on social media – we’re @JustGoBike on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  2. John Richardson

    Thanks so much for posting the Pod Cast it was quite interesting. A few years ago I found myself in a rehabilitation facility without a clue on how I got there. I still remember the first thing they taught me to say “Hi my name is John Richardson and I have a traumatic brain injury so I may seem confused.” I was told that on my bike commute home from work I was struck from behind by a 1 ton cargo van going 55 mph. I spent 3 weeks in ICU but have no memory of it. I had a long list of other injuries as well, and I happened to be wearing one of the brightest jerseys that I owned. The 2006 RAGBRAI jersey. You can ride as safe as possible and make yourself as visible as possible but if you encounter a distracted, intoxicated, or sleep deprived motorist it’s lights out.

  3. Laurie Welsch

    Please get a hold of me i sent you money and its not showing.

  4. Andrea Parrott

    Laurie – we receive a lot of checks this time of year so it may take a few days to process. If you want to be sure we got it please email info@RAGBRAI.com. Thanks!

  5. Joyce Boone

    This works for clothes that can be seen from a upright bike. I ride a recumbent trike and my shirt would not show. I have flags on my bike but they are not the size that is required. You were talking about the size of a person and the area needed would wrap around my body. I do like the remember to wear bright and lights.

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