RAGBRAI XLVI Route Preview - Iowa City

  • 5 March, 2018

The second in a series of chats with each of the RAGBRAI XLVI Overnight Towns! This time, TJ chats with Iowa City’s City Manager Geoff Fruin about what riders can expect when they cruise into Iowa City. Click the orange triangle below to begin listening to the podcast.

The JustGoBike Podcast is a collaboration of RAGBRAI and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition which talks about the fun side of cycling. Bike culture, happenings around the state, upcoming legislative action, and of course, plans for that big bike ride across Iowa. Episodes come out weekly, be sure to subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, the Play Store, or wherever you get your podcasts.



  1. Andrea Parrott

    Let us know if you have any topics you would like to hear about! We talk bikes, bike culture, pie… if it’s fun and bike related, we’ll cover it! You can post a message here, email us at justgobikepodcast@gmail.com, or reach out to us on social media – we’re @JustGoBike on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  2. Margaret Mitchell

    I listened to one podcast so far. I need more information to plan meals as my tour provider is not supplying them. I heard the person from Iowa City day wait times for restaurants will be 4-5 hours. There are not enough hours in the day to ride 60 miles and wait 4-5 hours to eat an evening meal. Unless restaurants will be open earlier any stay open later? I don’t want to ride “hell fire” between cities just to beat the crowd for food. I would like to enjoy the sights and have time to visit with local people and riders along the way. I need more of how this all works riding with 10,000 people from someone who has experienced this ride.

  3. Cory Patton

    I wouldn’t worry too much about food Margaret. Every church, Kiwanis, rotary, and knitting club will be serving food. In addition to that there will be food trucks all over the place. Food along the route is the very reason why some people ride. There will be lines and waits but they aren’t too bad. In ten RAGBRAIs I have maybe eaten at three restaurants.

  4. Michael Walker

    2017 was my first RAGBRAI and I was concerned about meals as well. There are SO many options to eat and drink on the ride itself that require only a small about of time in line. The food vendors know where to place themselves on the route so the food is appropriate for the time you would be arriving. I also don’t want to eat junk food so I am a little picky about what I eat, (sometimes). There is junk food out on the ride but there are also healthier options. There are breakfast places early on the ride. Lunch places in the middle of the ride. There are also options for necessities; free water, supplement drinks, power bars and goodies; like pie, beer, and ice cream. You could literally arrive the overnight town stuffed if you are not careful. However, in the overnight town, there will be an area set aside for entertainment and vendors of all kinds; food, bike repairs, clothing, bike accessories, and bikes. It’s kind of like a State Fair. Booths everywhere and a main stage for entertainment. Again there are junk AND healthy options. The entertainment starts in the early evening and lasts, I understand, until midnight or so. I only ate at one restaurant, per se last year and only then because there was no wait. It was 6:30pm and everyone was in town. I think there was no wait because it was a hole in the wall that one in our group noticed and it was a little pricey. But restaurants were the exception for me. I usually went to the main gathering in the overnight town got a little something to eat and drink and then went to my tent to retire for the day.
    You will love it and never lack for good options to eat.

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