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RAGBRAI XLVI Route: Saturday, July 28 – Iowa City to Davenport

  • 17 March, 2018

Here is the complete RAGBRAI route for Saturday’s ride from Iowa City to Davenport.  The route covers 68.9 miles with 1,585 feet of climb.  This is the final day as your complete your RAGBRAI journey to the Mississippi River.

Click to download pdf of Saturday’s Map

SATURDAY – JULY 28, 2018
Iowa City to West Liberty – 19.8 miles
West Liberty to Atalissa – 5.2 miles
Atalissa to Moscow – 4.9 miles
Moscow to Wilton (Meeting Town) – 3.6 miles
Wilton to Wild Cat Den State Park – 17.1 miles
Wild Cat Den State Park to Montpelier –3.0 miles
Montpelier to Blue Grass  – 5.1 miles
Blue Grass to Davenport – 10.2 miles

Total Mileage: 68.9 miles
Total Feet of Climb: 1,585

The route (towns and roads) is subject to change.

Support vehicle maps will be released in early July.


  1. Evan Guyer

    Looking forward to riding my first Ragbrai on the last couple days on my recumbent trike.

  2. dick maynard

    This Coloradoan is looking at this year’s route as “it’s meant to be tour”. My wife grew up in Boone, her folks were from Luther, the Ledges were party time headquarters for Cyclone students at the end of the fifties, I met my wife almost 60 years ago at Iowa State, a school where both of my parents graduated, we go to Iowa City, where Iowa U. graduated both my wife and one daughter, ride through West Liberty my parents are buried there, pedal past the farm on Highway 6 outside where my mother grew up in the twenties, and wind up in Davenport just 35 miles from where I was raised in Cambridge, Illinois. Plus my first RAGBRAI in ’83 also finished at the bottom of Brady Street Hill. Even I could not have planned a route so perfect.

  3. tnisfn1

    Amazing, Dick! Thank you for taking us on a virtual life and RAGBRAI tour.

  4. Chun Fong

    So. where exactly is the finish line? Downtown Davenport along the Mississippi river?

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