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RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Tuesday, July 23 – Winterset to Indianola

  • 19 March, 2019
  • Jared

The day’s route from Winterset to Indianola will travel a mere 39.9 fun miles and 1,374 feet of climb.  The IOWA AG OASIS presented by the IOWA SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION will give riders a chance to hop off their bikes when there is a long stretch between towns to get some water and use a bathroom.  Riders will also have an opportunity to learn about agriculture in our great state and taste some of those treats from Iowa!  The first AG OASIS will be at Howell’s Greenhouse & Pumpkin Patch, between Winterset and Cumming.  Your RAGBRAI wristband required for admission to the AG OASIS.

Tuesday is Parkinson’s Awareness Day on RAGBRAI to highlight that it is possible to live well with Parkinson’s.  It was during RAGBRAI that a doctor discovered an amazing way to help people with Parkinson’s. Like many medical breakthroughs, it was a happy accident. The simple act of pedaling a bike can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  This breakthrough eventually reversed the common practice of prescribing rest for Parkinson’s, instead encouraging exercise like cycling.

Tuesday evening in Indianola we will honor Davis Phinney, an Olympic Bronze medalist and Tour de France stage winner, Davis has celebrated the most victories of any cyclist in American history.  After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Davis established the Davis Phinney Foundation in 2004. The Foundation’s mission to help people with Parkinson’s live well with the disease and fund research projects.

Click to download pdf of Tuesday’s Map

TUESDAY – JULY 23, 2019
Winterset to the IOWA AG OASIS – 16.0 miles
IOWA AG OASIS to Cumming – 6.7 miles
Cumming to Norwalk (Meeting Town) – 5.0 miles
Norwalk to Indianola – 12.2 miles

Total Mileage: 39.9 miles
Total Feet of Climb: 1,374

The route (towns and roads) is subject to change.

The full route, along with roads and pass-through towns will be released starting this weekend.   Each daily release should be out by 8:00 am CST.  Enjoy the ride!

Here is the remaining release schedule:

Wednesday, March 20
Wednesday, July 24 – Day 4 Route Released

Thursday, March 21
Thursday, July 25 – Day 5 Route Released

Friday, March 22
Friday, July 26 – Day 6 Route Released

Saturday, March 23
Saturday, July 27 – Day 7 Route Released

Registration is now open 

Support vehicle maps will be released in early July.


  1. Matthew Lewis

    40 miles……
    it would be nice to convince charter service to delay departure of baggage truck this one morning to get a tad more sleep…..

  2. Harold Koch

    I had a total hip replacement on March 19 in Houston, Texas and the surgeon said I cannot train and ride RAGBRAI. How do I uninroll me and my wife Barbara Pence? The surgeon said he is willing to submit paperwork if necessary.

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