RAGBRAI LI Registration is Now Open!


  • 3 May, 2021


This year’s full route with roads, special events, and all towns is here! You can locate the full google maps on the towns at https://ragbrai.com/2021-host-towns/.



  1. Mike Shanley

    I have a registration # but can’t seem to find the “Current and Upcoming Events” where my wristband # is supposed to be located. My # is 270648. Maybe I’m missing something? Mike Shanley. mikeshanley2@me.com. Thanks.

  2. Anne Lawrie

    Hi Mike,

    Hoping you’ve been helped but making sure you have the step-by-step instructions for accessing your details.

    Go to ragbrai.enmotive.com
    Click Login in the upper right corner
    You will be redirected to your My Account page on EnMotive
    Scroll to Current and Upcoming Events section
    Click on the blue Actions drop down
    Select View Registration
    You should see your wristband number along with all your registration details on this screen.

    Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick or email me at anne@ragbrai.com

  3. Patrick Coughlin

    Is this new design the final map product because we really liked knowing the distance between pass-through towns? It helps us know whether we want to stop, keep moving, fill bottles etc or wait until the next town.
    Thank you
    Pat Coughlin
    Team Cow

  4. svatosb

    I would like to print (or buy) daily maps that show the mileage between all towns. Where can I find those? I prefer hard copy instead of having to look at my phone all the time plus need a backup if my phone dies.

  5. Grosenbalm

    Why is there no mileage between towns? Or even listed on the loop(s)?

  6. Jason Groenjes

    Can’t find the milage between towns maps. Did that get taken down, or can it be added back into these maps, please?

  7. HollyWolff

    Day maps look great, but can you please add the mileage between towns and for the loops?

  8. Dorice Hankemeier

    Please add the mileage distance between towns back to the maps. It is extremely helpful in terms of planning stops, water, etc. I know it isn’t always exact but it helps with planning.

  9. Peter Lehrer

    Where are the GPX files?

  10. Adam Carolan

    Please add the distance between towns on the daily maps!!!

  11. Ed York

    How will we know in “July” GPX files will be available. I have been checking daily but maybe I dont know where to look. Anyone have any ideas?

  12. Ed York

    Where are the GPX files located?

  13. roycraig

    I’m also looking for the GPX files.

  14. roycraig

    The RAGBRAI Rider app has the gpx route maps.


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