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RAGBRAI XLVIII Transfer Details

  • 5 June, 2021

The RAGBRAI XLVIII Transfer form is now available on

Riders who are no longer able to attend and need to transfer the sale of their wristband can follow the instructions below for completing the process in EnMotive for RAGBRAI.

Step 1: The seller identifies a buyer and arranges the “sale” of the registration credentials. The credentials include a wristband, bike band, luggage tag, license plate, and a participant guide.

Step 2: Once the seller and the buyer agree to the terms the seller must initiate the transfer in the EnMotive registration system to ensure the wristband number is transferred and the buyer signs the waiver. Failure to do this step renders the sale invalid to RAGBRAI.

Step 3: To transfer the registration in EnMotive follow the steps below.

  1. The seller goes to
  2. Clicks login in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Scroll to Current and Upcoming Events
  4. Click the blue Actions drop-down and select “Transfer registration”
  5. Type in the buyer’s email address
  6. An email will be sent to the buyer’s email (check your junk too)
  7. The buyer has 48 hours to go through the transfer link, if it expires the seller we have to follow the steps above to resend the transfer link
  8. The buyer clicks the transfer link to accept the transfer offer and then follows the steps of registration.
  9. Once the buyer completes the transfer no further action is needed by either the seller or the buyer.
  10. Transferred wristband numbers will be uploaded to the buyer’s registration daily at 2 pm CST. Follow the steps below for accessing your wristband number in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration packet will be sent to the seller (we have to do this to get registration packets out to all riders in time for the ride). The seller will need to arrange to ship their packet to the buyer once it is received.

WRISTBAND NUMBERS. Due to movement of some teams and registrations, wristbands have been reassigned. RAGBRAI will take care of sending updated wristband numbers to towns and charters to ensure they have your accurate wristband numbers. Use the number that is listed in your EnMotive account. That is accurate and will match the wristband you receive from RAGBRAI over the next several weeks in the mail.

Transfer sellers, please make sure your buyer knows that their wristband numbers will be uploaded into the system weekdays at 2 pm CST. If they complete the transfer after 2 pm CST it will not appear until the next day at 2 pm CST.

Accessing your wristband in EnMotive:

  1. Go to
  2. Click login in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll to Current and Upcoming Events
  4. Click the blue Actions dropdown
  5. Select View Registration
  6. View your wristband number


  1. mattyb63

    How do one post a registration for sale on the forum?

  2. Neila Seda

    Hi, I got my wristbands but since I transferred my registrations to different people I will need more bike bands for them (I only got one with my packet), where can I or they get more bike bands?

    Thank you!

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