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Rainy roads for RAGBRAI morning

  • 20 July, 2015
  • Danielle Ferguson

RAGBRAI riders woke up to a moderate rain Monday morning.

And that rain is probably going to follow them all morning.

Allan Curtis with the National Weather Service said it’s one of those rains that’s going to follow them.

“It’s not a small brief thing,” he said. But it won’t last all day.

To compare, Curtis said if a rider was stationary, the rain would probably pass them within 45 or so minutes.

“It’s just going to be annoying for the next hour and a half,” he said.

Tips for riding safely in rain:

  • Keep an eye out for little “rainbow-edged” puddles on the road. This indicates an oil patch and is especially slippery.
  • Avoid the puddles, they could be deeper than they look.
  • Take turns slowly
  • Wear brighter colors, as it’s more difficult for drivers to see cyclists in the rain

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