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Registration Packets in the Mail

  • 27 May, 2014
  • Scott Garner


We have started mailing the RAGBRAI wristband packages to individuals and group contacts. You should receive an email when your package is mailed. Check your package when you receive it to be sure that everything is correct. A packing slip is included to verify the contents.

Weeklong riders receive a numbered rider band, bike band, and luggage tag. In addition, an unnumbered license plate and patch certificate are included for each weeklong rider. Non-riders receive a numbered wristband only. Day riders receive a numbered wristband for each day selected, an unnumbered bike band, unnumbered luggage tag and a license plate. The group contact shall receive any vehicle passes requested. A 2014 participant guide is included for each rider.

Merchandise including jerseys, shorts, or bibs ordered with your registration are also included. Check to be sure sizes are correct. Use the enclosed exchange form to send us your merchandise for an exchange, or you can exchange them on the ride.

If you ordered a souvenir pack, you will receive a water bottle and a t-shirt. The DVD, and poster for those ordering the premium pack, will be sent after the ride. 

If you find anything incorrect or missing, send us an email at info@ragbrai.com.

Online registration will close on June 1 at midnight. Day wristbands and non-rider wristbands will be available for purchase at the RAGBRAI Merchandise Trailers on the ride based on availability.

See you in Rock Valley!



  1. GetAClue Blue

    Got mine. Can’t wait to wear it on “The Ride”.

  2. Joe Gump

    I have not received the packet, but will continue to be patient. Looking forward to the ride, that’s all!!!

  3. Dave

    I can no longer attend Ragbrai and am looking to sell my packet.

    Contact davidetownsend@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing this.

  4. Sharie

    June 10 and still haven’t received group package. Hoping it will arrive by the end of the week.

  5. Linda Brooks

    Yeah, still no packet or email that I can find either.

  6. Jared

    patience.. they are coming

  7. david eastwold

    It’s July 2nd and still haven’t gotten packet. Should I be worried?

  8. Jared

    you’ll get an email (if you registered online) when the packet is shipped… they worked this weekend and likely the 4th to get the packages out as quickly as possible… thanks for the patience

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