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Rider waves brother's flag

  • 22 July, 2009

The little American flag that flutters from a bag strapped to Bradd Markusch’s bike seat means a lot to him: It belonged to his brother, Clint, who died last month after a long-term illness.

“He loved RAGBRAI. He enjoyed every bit of it,” the Newton native said, adding that his brother joined RAGBRAI in its third year and rode it many times over the years.

Clint Markusch often carried the flag with him during the rides, and it meant a lot to him, too. He planted it on New Mexico’s Mount Baldy when he became an Eagle Scout in 1976, and it still bears the signatures from the other scouts in his troupe.

“It was just kind of a symbolic thing,” Bradd Markusch said. “I thought (carrying it on RAGBRAI) would be a good tribute.”

Pictured from right: Markusch; his daughter, Lilly, 10; and his nephew, Holden Hillmer, 13, about two miles west of Sandyville.


– Michael Morain


  1. mamazazie

    Tribute acknowledged…good for you. Courage.

  2. Bradd Markusch

    Just a note Thanking Michael Morain, the reporter that wrote this story for the DM Register. What you do not know about this story is that he saw the flag fly out of my rear bike bag as I was traveling at breakneck speed down the largest hill I think so far on RAGBRAI. He had the integrity to stop and pick it up and track me down to return the flag to me. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost this flag. Clint was a 13 year Veteran of the USAF, a branch of the military he was so proud of and he carried that little flag everywhere as a symbol of his life and military contribution to his country. THANKS again to Michael for being such a good man to stop and pick up this reminder of my brother for me. THIS is why I bring back my kids to IOWA every year to vacation. THE PEOPLE are GENUINE, Sincere and no place in this country do you find better people!!!! THANKS MICHAEL MORAIN!!! You ARE a great American!
    The Markusch Family

  3. Lori Cedarholm Hilmer

    Very cool story, Bradd! I agree, Iowa is the best! Craig was on RAGBRAI and looked for you!

  4. Sheriff Buck

    What a great tribute to Clint, one of the happiest people I knew, wish he could have been part of our posse. Get ready for 2010 so we can win AGAIN!

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