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Riding in pajamas

  • 20 July, 2009
  • Michael Morain

Annika Power knows how to ride RAGBRAI in style: She wears her pajamas and gets other people to pull her.

The 3-year-old from Bend, Ore., glided behind her parents’ tandem and stopped for a snack in Villisca.


“Everybody asks if they can trade places with her,” her dad, Eric, said.

Earlier that morning, her plan to blow bubbles along the route was foiled when she forgot to grab her soap bottle after a stop. It took awhile to calm her down, and when she finally did, “Someboday asked, ‘Hey, Anni, where are your bubbles?” Eric Power explained. “It started all over again.”

Even so, he and Annika’s mom, Megan, were optimistic. It’s a good thing: They’re expecting their second child in February.

– Michael Morain

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  1. mamazazie

    I like her attitude!

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