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  • 1 June, 2018

#whydoyouride – I love vacations.  I almost love planning them and the anticipation leading up to them just as much as I love the vacations themselves.  I am not one of those sit on the beach and sip your cocktail type of vacationers.  No offense to those of you who are, I just don’t get that J.  So, for those of you who love to take your week of vacation to ride RAGBRAI – I get that!


At Businessolver we all work really hard and we love to play really hard.  Working hard and playing hard are awesome, but you get the best benefit of both worlds when your heart is healthy and able to handle the demands of your job and your active vacation.  I’ve taken vacations to run a marathon and multiple half marathons. I’ve taken vacations to hike a 14er in Colorado or the Manitou Incline. I love to be outdoors participating in activities during my time off.  But if I want to keep planning those awesome vacations and attending those activities, I need to make sure I’m heart healthy.


If you want to have a super successful RAGBRAI ride where you feel good and have fun being active outside on your vacation, you need to be heart healthy too. Do you have a family history of heart disease?  What does that mean?  Visit the AHA website to find out what the criteria is for family history.  Make sure that you are not the reason why your children may have to answer that question in the afirmative. Pass down the love with a healthy heart. We are roughly 9 weeks out from RAGBRAI.  That’s only a little over two months to make sure that we are in the best heart healthy shape we can be in. #heartsolver

Tracey Orman / businessolver / Onsite Wellness & Fitness Administrator


  1. Diana Rose

    Amen to that, Tracey.

    I am celebrating the 5th Anniversary of my triple bypass this year by training for RAGBRAI. I completed a cardiac stress test and passed with flying colors. With the blessing of my cardiologist, I will be cycling with the RAGBRAI nation in July. Looking forward to the ride!

  2. gfunseth

    I had my aortic heart valve replaced four years ago. Since then I’ve run eleven 1/2 marathons and one full. This will be my third year to ride on Ragbrai at 69 year old. After my last remote pacemaker monitor test I got a note saying they were concerned about extended periods of fast heart rate. When I explained I was training they said that’s great keep doing it. Most people don’t exercise enough after open heart surgery. Gene

  3. awilke01

    Last year at age 62, triple bypass on Christmas Eve 2016 and riding RAGBRAI in July 2017. Normally ride the Karras Loop but decided to take it easy. Participated in my first RAGBRAI in 2012 and every RAGBRAI since then. I ride about 600 miles a month. Cycling definitely helped me detect the problem and shortened my recovery time. Too bad it didn’t prevent the arteriosclerosis problem. Looking forward to RAGBRAI 2018 with 12 of my riding friends from Texas.

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