Sugar, Sugar Everywhere and Not a Bit to Eat!

Cutting down on your sugar intake is a great way to improve heart health. Sugar is everywhere. Sometimes right under your nose, parading about in an agave syurp costume. Because sugar is often labeled differently in foods, it’s important to be able to recognize it in its many forms so you can take control of your sugar intake.

Consuming large quantities of sugars can be damaging to your heart and overall health. With a big ride coming up, it might be tempting to increase your sugar intake to get more energy. However, sugar based energey is short lived. Yes, it’s good for a quick jolt, but you’re going to need more sustainable energy on the ride. Try opting for healthier options with less added sugar, even better, you can make your own healthy sports bars! By making your own delicious and energy-stable treats, you cut down on a lot of added sugar the store-bought bars depend on.

At Businessolver, we challenge our employees complete a 14-day no-sugar challenge. For 14 days, they can’t consume any sugar, sugar substitutes or added sugar. The only sugar allowed is naturally occuring sugar found in fruits and vegtables.

This challenge is very useful to our employees because it helps them learn to read labels. Sugar can be labled as: glucose, fructose, sucrose, agave nectar, dextrin, ethyl maltol… the list goes on.

Each time our employees participate in the challenge, they learn so much about how to choose healthier options at the grocery store.  Now, we love chocolate as much as the next person and yes, we are totally ok with a sweet treat now and then. But challenging yourself to eat less sugar and less processed foods is a great way to make a positive life-change for better heart health.

Knowing what’s in your food makes the decision of what to consume so much easier.

Remember, just because something says “sugar free” does not mean it is free of unhealthy substitutes. Be sure to read labels and make heart heathy decisions!

For more insight into our 14-day sugar-free challenge, check out our video: https://blog.businessolver.com/the-sugar-challenge-a-sweet-way-to-increase-employee-wellness

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Tracey Orman is the Health and Wellness Director at Businessolver.

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