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22 Jul

RAGBRAI 2018: No roadside vendors at beginning of Sunday’s ride

Linh Ta - 3 comments

The Monona County supervisors restricted roadside vendors in unincorporated areas.

24 Jul

A feast of meat and memories on the first ‘Mr. Pork Chop Day’

Kyle Munson - 0 comments

Pork chops can make grown men and women cry this time of year in Iowa -- this summer more than ever. 

24 Jul

RAGBRAI 2017 Photos: Honoring ‘Mr. Pork Chop’

Paul Bernhard's years of contributions were remembered in Curlew, eight months after his death.

17 Nov

‘Mr. Pork Chop’ leaves behind meaty RAGBRAI legacy

Kyle Munson - 0 comments

If there's any justice in this life or the next, Wednesday's lunch special in heaven was a thick, juicy slab of Iowa pork chop served on a paper towel.

22 Jul

Munson: Celebrating a legend in Bancroft

Kyle Munson - 7 comments

Tuesday was unofficial legends day on RAGBRAI XLII.

22 Jul

Ultimate Mr. Pork Chop photo gallery

Some of the best pictures taken at and around the Mr. Pork Chop bus over the years during RAGBRAI.

22 Jul

RAGBRAI, Lance Armstrong come to Mr. Pork Chop.

mchind - 4 comments

Riders gave their best impressions of the pork chop call (check your volume before playing this video),

16 Nov

Get Well Soon, Mr. Pork Chop!

TJ Juskiewicz - 62 comments

The RAGBRAI family wishes Mr. Pork Chop (aka Paul Bernhard) a speedy recovery. Paul fell and broke his hip and is recovering from a successful surgery. Please keep ...

26 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: For 40th, Karras, Kaul, Mr. Pork Chop weigh in

Grant Rodgers - 6 comments

CEDAR RAPIDS, Ia. — Thursday night’s biggest cheers? They weren’t for the governor, or for RAGBRAI co-founder John Karras, or the ride itself, and maybe not even for the main ...

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