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This Week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 297: RAGBRAI SAG Drivers Joe and Coz

  • 26 March, 2024
  • Andrea Parrott

This week on the JustGoBike​ Podcast, Joe and Coz Lindsay – AKA Sag 1 -are on to tell us about life as a RAGBRAI SAG Driver. The guys tell Murph what it is like to be a SAG driver, reasons rider use the SAG, and also they provide riders with some good tips so you might not need to use their services.


  1. Kevin James

    These are great interview subjects but the sing-song Q&A format is terrible.

    This a medium to long range podcast format but only a couple of questions asked. Nap time.

    Please, stop treating these interviews like your talking to your Aunt Sally on the back deck of your mom’s house on a Sunday afternoon when nobody has any place to go.

    A couple of ideas of questions for the SAG drivers that would take only a couple of mins and provide a lot of good insight to the riders and keep your JustGoBike from turning into JustTurnItOff.

    • What happens to a rider needing help who is not registered?
    • When do the SAG drivers start their day? Does the pass-through town end time mean anything to a SAG driver?
    • Do the SAG Drivers start the same time or stagger?
    • How do they communicate with other SAGs if someone needs help, but they are full?
    • How many trips back and forth to the overnight town do the usually make in one day?
    • When they go to the overnight and unload, do they go opposite bike traffic on the route to start a new trip?
    • Do they offer any minor bike repair to try to keep someone moving and not use the SAG?
    • Do they have water and snacks for the riders?
    • Will they go to a pass-through town just to check in and allow a SAG rider to get out of the van, even for a few minutes?

  2. Andrea Parrott

    Hey Kevin! Thanks for the input. One note… we basically ARE recording on our mom’s back deck on a Sunday afternoon, talking to our Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins about what we love about cycling. So the podcast will always have some of that flavor. It might not be for everyone but that’s the way it is. That being said I do see what you’re saying, and appreciate the feedback. Thank you for taking the time to brainstorm and post this comment.

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