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Video: RAGBRAI cyclists dip their wheels at the end of 2018 route

  • 28 July, 2018
  • Des Moines Register

Watch as cyclists dip their wheels in the Mississippi River on Saturday to mark the end of RAGBRAI.




    What an awesome ride! This is an experience like none other, with all the small towns being so welcoming, all the food and retail vendors, and churches participating, police coverage at all the turns. Thankyou Ragbrai
    Also the weather for Ragbrai2018 was unbeatable.

  2. Wendy Helgerson

    My first full ride and it was an incredible experience for my 60th year!! I felt like a young’n!! Thanks to all who make it all possible!! Thanks to the almighty for keeping me safe and giving us awesome weather to make it even more enjoyable!!

  3. Andrew Sauchelli

    It was a great ride this year. The support throughout the week was awesome. I loved being in the presence of the Air Force “angels” the whole ride. Our lord was really showing off this week with the incredible weather He bestowed upon us. This was my second consecutive RAGBRAI and now it will become an annual event for me. Thank you RAGBRAI, see you next summer!!!

  4. Keith Boniface

    Can’t say enough about the Iowans who welcomed us in their small but warm towns and about the organizers who bent over backwards to keep us safe on the road, and my fellow riders who, overall, rode responsibly, encouraged and supported those who needed it, and made the most of the adventure. My first RAGBRAI; why did it take me 64 years to do it?!

  5. Leanne Chappell

    Amazing and God gave us Texans a tall order; not 115 degrees; weather could not have been more ideal. Love my 1st time to Iowa and 1st RAGBRAI age 58. Would like to see a video of the air force I heard were going to come in as a group. Thanks everyone and especially glad I stopped in the final village of Bluegrass. Happy 89th Ruby

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