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Video: Show me your wheels: Skateboarding across Iowa

  • 24 July, 2014
  • Michael Morain

Ryan, from Des Moines, explains his passion for longboarding and what drove him to skate across the state.



  1. Gee

    I rode RAGBRAI XXXIX in 2011, and a kid was skateboarding for a charity…I believe he was an Iowa City kid.

  2. CycleXTexas

    I twittered this picture of him on thursday. He and his friend did the century loop, but his friend was whipped and sore the next morning so the friend took off at least Wednesday. Ryan, on the other hand kept on cruising! Ryan, tweet me of you see this!



  3. wade christensen

    Yes, there was a guy that rode his longboard the entire distance of 464 miles in RAGBRAI 2011 (the same year Blake Anderson rode) ….The rider was Jason Tomsic from Wellington, CO. He was 38 years old at the time.

    Being a different kind of rider had its perks…. During the ride, he was invited in a home for some homemade pie by a local elderly woman who was in front of her home watching the riders go by. She said she wanted to have dessert with a celebrity. At the finish, he was saluted by the military riding team. It was an honor! I had my doubts it could be done…. but 3 pairs of shoes later, Jason proved me wrong! He was the first one to ride the full distance of RAGBRAI on a longboard. It was great to be there to ride through my home state and see it happen!

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