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What you need to know - RAGBRAI XLVIII Day 1: Le Mars to Sac City

  • 24 July, 2021

Here’s what you need to know about Day 1 of RAGBRAI XLVIII, when we ride from Le Mars to Sac City!

First things first: it’s your first bike ride of the week:

Today’s ride is 84 miles with approximately 2,816 feet of climb. On our way from Le Mars to Sac City, we visit Oyens, Remsen, Cherokee (meeting town), Aurelia, Alta, and Early. Stop by the People for Bikes booth at the Expo in Le Mars and downtown in every overnight town for route cards with more accurate between-town mileages.

First-Time Rider Advice

  • It is traditional for first-time RAGBRAI riders to write VIRGIN in all caps down one of their calves.
  • In RAGBRAI lingo, a portable toilet is called a KYBO. Ask a long-time rider what that means. This year our Overnight Town KYBOs will be provided by Moore’s Portable Toilets.
  • Remember to reapply sunscreen regularly. We know you’re tough! But you’ll make the ride a lot harder for yourself if you’re burnt to a crisp on the first day.
  • Eat more than you think you should. As you start to ride your metabolism will start to rev up, but you won’t start to feel hungry until you’ve needed that fuel for some time. Eat like a hobbit, grab that second breakfast and let’s go!
  • DRINK WATER – it’s hot and you’re going to sweat it out. Be sure to include a Gatorade-like drink in the mix, too. Both will be readily available in each pass-through, meeting, and overnight town, as well as scattered along the route.

Want more insider tips? Check out our RAGBRAI 101 series on the JustGoBike Podcast, hosted by Kathy Murphy! Just click this text, or search for JustGoBike on your favorite podcast listening platform.

Mile of Silence
During Sunday of RAGBRAI XLVIII we will hold the Mile of Silence. The Mile of Silence is to remember riders we have lost. Please observe a moment of silence as you ride between Oyens and Remsen on Highway 3. There will be signs to mark the mile. Thank you to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition for providing the signage.

We’re going to Saddle Up ‘n Ride with Cherokee! Click this text to see what they have in store for you!

Let’s Ride the Ridge into Alta! Click this text to see what they have in store for you! 

We’ll be at the Crossroads of the Nation in Early! Click this text to see what they have in store for you!

Once we get to Sac City, we’ll Pop it Like it’s Hot! Thanks to our official GIS Sponsor, CGA Consultants for our RAGBRAI XLVIII Overnight Town Maps!

To find out more about Sac City’s plans for us visit their page on our website:

Follow on Facebook:


The headliner is RAGBRAI favorite, Johnny Holm Band! They’ll be on the main stage in the Sac County Fairground from 8-11 PM.

MercyOne Health Tip

Don’t forget the sunscreen! Cover your forehead, shoulders, ears and nose before you head out on your ride and reapply every two to three hours for best coverage.

For more:

Fuel Up at Kwik Star Photo Contest


#FuelUp at KwikStar on RAGBRAI XLVIII. Whether you need snacks, caffeine, take home meals, or fuel, stop by one of the Kwik Stars along the RAGBRAI route to fuel up. To enter the contest take a picture of your fuel up choice, and post it to Instagram/Facebook, tag @RAGBRAI and @KwikStar or @KwikTrip and use #FuelUpRAGBRAI2021. Seven lucky winners will receive a $100 gift card to Kwik Star! Winners will be announced the week after the ride.

Hungry? Fareway is just around the corner. 
There’s a Fareway in Cherokee, our Meeting Town today! Stop by and make sure you have enough ice for your hot and tired riders.
It’s at 205 West Bluff St, Cherokee, IA 51012

Thirsty? Big Grove is with Mr. Pork Chop
Find a Tailwind – guaranteed! Just keep an eye out for Mr. Pork Chop’s big pig bus near Cherokee. The locations are marked on our official fold out maps.

Need Swag? Scheels has you covered
Scheels is our official Sporting Goods Supplier and this week they’ll also be our official Swag Supplier. Stop by their tent next to the Iowa Beer Bus in Early and see if you can score a freebie! The locations are marked on our official fold out maps.

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