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What you need to know - RAGBRAI XLVIII Day 2: Sac City to Fort Dodge

  • 25 July, 2021
  • Andrea Parrott

Here’s what you need to know about Day 2 of RAGBRAI XLVIII, when we ride from Sac City to Fort Dodge!

First things first: let’s see your second bike ride of the week:

Today’s ride is 67.5 miles with approximately 1,097 feet of climb. On our way from Sac City to Fort Dodge, we visit Lytton (first visit), Yetter, Lake City (Meeting Town), Rinard, Callender (first visit), and Moorland (first visit). Stop by the People for Bikes booth downtown in every overnight town for route cards with more accurate between-town mileages.

Monday on RAGBRAI XLVIII is Virtual Jersey Day and First Responders Day.

Virtual Jersey Day
For those of you who have joined us on the 2020 and 2021 Virtual RAGBRAI, we will wear our jerseys and meet up in the Lytton beverage garden on Monday, July 26 starting at 9am! We’ll have pie, screwdrivers, and bloody marys.

First Responders Day
On Monday, July 26 we will recognize and show gratitude to the first responders and front line workers who sacrificed their mental and physical health to keep us all safe in 2020. We ride for you today! Stop by the RAGBRAI Merchandise trailer and pick up a free sticker (merchandise trailers will be located at each overnight town and in the meeting town along the route).

Lytton IS a Slice of Heaven. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans – just click this text! 

We can’t wait to visit Moorland! Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans – just click this text!

Once we get to Fort Dodge, we’ll be Rollin’ on the River! Thanks to our official GIS Sponsor, CGA Consultants for our RAGBRAI XLVIII Overnight Town Maps!

To find out more about Fort Dodge’s plans for us visit their page on our website: https://ragbrai.com/route-maps/sac-city/?section=ui-rb-towns-1

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ragbraifd
Instagram: @RAGBRAIFD


Fort Dodge is thrilled to make sure you have a blast rollin’ on the river  — and these incredible bands will make it happen!

Starting at 2 pm, local buskers will be entertaining throughout the day as you (& they) make their way through downtown Fort Dodge.
4 pm – 6 pm – Cory Waller & The Wicked Things
6 pm  -8 pm – Salty View
8 pm – 10 pm – Lone Tree Revival

MercyOne Health Tip

Outdoor festivals or activities such as RAGBRAI and alcohol consumption often go hand-in-hand.

“When choosing to consume alcohol at these summertime events, it is important to keep in mind that alcohol is a diuretic and increases internal body temperature,” says family physician Ambrose Munro, MD. “Limiting alcohol use and remembering to stay hydrated is essential, especially when it is warm outside, and you are exerting yourself during activities like bike riding and outdoor festivals.”

For more: https://ragbrai.com/mercyone-and-ragbrai-health-tips-3-alcohol/

Fuel Up at Kwik Star Photo Contest

#FuelUp at KwikStar on RAGBRAI XLVIII. Whether you need snacks, caffeine, take home meals, or fuel, stop by one of the Kwik Stars along the RAGBRAI route to fuel up. To enter the contest take a picture of your fuel up choice, and post it to Instagram/Facebook, tag @RAGBRAI and @KwikStar or @KwikTrip and use #FuelUpRAGBRAI2021. Seven lucky winners will receive a $100 gift card to Kwik Star! Winners will be announced the week after the ride.

Hungry? Fareway is just around the corner. 
There’s a Fareway in Fort Dodge today! In our professional opinion Day 2 is a great time to load up on salty snacks like chips and salsa.
It’s at 1231 1st Ave S, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Thirsty? Big Grove is with Mr. Pork Chop
Find a Tailwind – guaranteed! Just keep an eye out for Mr. Pork Chop’s big pig bus.

Need Swag? Scheels has you covered
Scheels is our official Sporting Goods Supplier and this week they’ll also be our official Swag Supplier. Stop by their tent next to the Iowa Beer Bus about six miles past Lake City and see if you can score a freebie! The locations are marked on our official fold out maps.

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