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I don’t know many people who don’t love vacations. I am in the camp of people who almost love planning them and the anticipation leading up to them just as much as the vacations themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I try to soak in every moment of the time off, but I try to draw out the planning so that it seems like the vacation lasts longer. But, I will admit, I am not really one of those relax and sip a drink by the pool type of vacationers. No offense if you are, I just don’t enjoy that as much as doing things on vacation. So, for those of you who love to take your week of vacation to ride RAGBRAI – woot woot!!

We at Businessolver work really hard every day so we love to play hard on vacation too. Working hard and playing hard are awesome, but you get your best benefit out of both of those when your heart is healthy and able to handle the demands of your job and your active vacation. Heart health is so important and we take it very seriously. I’ve taken vacations to run a marathon and multiple half marathons. I’ve taken vacations to hike a 14er in Colorado or the Manitou Incline (google it, it’s awesome). I love to be outdoors participating in activities during my time off.  So, if I want to keep planning those awesome vacations and attending those activities, I need to make sure I’m heart healthy. I work hard to plan for my vacations not only logistically but physically as well so that I am ready for the full on activities I sign up for.

If you want to have a super successful RAGBRAI ride where you feel good and have fun being active outside on your time off, you need to be heart healthy.  And you need to be working on that now so you’re ready for the ride. Check on your heart risk factors before ramping up those workouts to get ready for RAGBRAI.  Do you have a family history of heart disease? What does that mean?  Visit the AHD website to find out what the criteria is for family history.

We are roughly 6 weeks out from RAGBRAI. That’s only a little over a month to make sure that we are in the best heart healthy shape we can be in.  #heartsolver #lifeiswhyIA

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