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World peace in Glenwood

  • 24 July, 2011
  • Michael Morain

Who knows, RAGBRAI just might be the best hope for world peace.

A multinational team at the ceremonial tire-dipping site in Glenwood this morning included Jean Lantz of Chicago; her sons Jeff Lantz of Baltimore and Scott Lantz of Dubai; and Natalia Martin of Seville, Spain.

They seemed to be getting along but they might run into more conflict on the college pride day later in the week since each of the three Lantzes graduated from a different state school: Jean from the University of Iowa, Jeff from Iowa State, and Scott from the University of Northern Iowa. Martin may have to keep the peace.

All four riders are tackling RAGBRAI for the first time. Their plans to ride last year, to celebrate Jean’s 60th birthday, were derailed when she broke her collar bone just days last year’s ride before. She’s in much better shape now.

From left, Scott, Jean, Natalia and Jeff, at the tub filled with Missouri River water in Glenwood:


— Michael Morain

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  1. Lu Peverill

    Thanks riders for your financial support and kind comments for the CC boys. We had a great time.

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