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Wristband Transfers Now Open!

  • 2 June, 2022
  • Anne Lawrie

RAGBRAI XLIX riders look no further. Wristband transfers are now open via registration for weeklong rider and weeklong non-rider wristbands only.

The seller will need to follow the steps below to officially transfer their wristband credentials to the buyer. Please reach out to info@ragbrai.com if you have any questions.

Step 1: The seller identifies a buyer and arranges the “sale” of the registration credentials. The credentials include a wristband, bike band, luggage tag, license plate, and a participant guide.

Step 2: Once the seller and the buyer agree to the terms the seller must initiate the transfer in the EnMotive registration system to ensure the wristband number is transferred and the buyer signs the waiver. Failure to do this step renders the sale invalid to RAGBRAI.

Step 3: To transfer the registration in EnMotive follow the steps below.

  1. The seller goes to https://enmotive.com/users/login
  2. Clicks login in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click “registrations” and find your registration tile in Upcoming Events
  4. Click the 3 dots in the upper corner of your registration tile and select “Transfer registration”
  5. Type in the buyer’s email address
  6. An email will be sent to the buyer’s email (check your junk too)
  7. The buyer has 48 hours to go through the transfer link, if it expires the seller we have to follow the steps above to resend the transfer link
  8. The buyer clicks the transfer link to accept the transfer offer and then follows the steps of registration.
  9. Once the buyer completes the transfer no further action is needed by either the seller or the buyer.
  10. Transferred wristband numbers will be uploaded to the buyer’s registration daily at 2 pm CST. Follow the steps below for accessing your wristband number in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration packet will be sent to the seller (we have to do this to get registration packets out to all riders in time for the ride). The seller will need to arrange to ship their packet to the buyer once it is received.

How to access your wristband number:

  1. Go to https://enmotive.com/users/login
  2. Click login in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll to Current and Upcoming Events
  4. Click the blue Actions dropdown
  5. Select View Registration
  6. Your wristband number will be listed under BIB in the system. 


  1. Cindy Mayer

    Looking for day rider wristbands for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. On my bucket list to ride self contained at age 70. Help please

  2. Starr2McGee

    Looking for a support vehicle pass, we only need the $65 version, but are happy to ‘upgrade’ so we have one!

  3. Suzanne Graves

    I have 1 full week wristband for sale.

  4. Daniel Byers

    Looking for week long Ragbrai pass to purchase for my son .


  5. jbyers4

    Looking to purchase one full week wristband. Please reach out if you have a wristband to transfer! Thanks! Joe: 970-658-6574

  6. schulte.emma

    I am selling one full-week wristband–and a Men’s 2022 Sleeve Jersey in size large, if you want! Text at five-one-five, eight-zero-three, zero-two-five-three.

  7. Janbonnett

    Looking for 2 day rider wristbands for Monday and Tuesday OR willing to purchase 2 weeklong wristbands.
    Call or text Jan: 303-815-8950

  8. Jbeckma2

    Looking for wristband for first 4 days or week if that’s easier. Email jbeckma2@yahoo.com if you have one to sell.

  9. Donald Selvig

    Looking for wristband for days 4 and 5 only…contact ddselvig @bevcomm.net

  10. steelr4l

    Also looking dor rv pass and 3 week long bands. cell 8 one 5 4 nine 4 45 two 5

  11. ghelton

    Looking for three wrist bands until Wednesday!

  12. martinlutz123@comcast.net

    Is there any better means to put up a wristband for sale than a comment to this post? thank you.

  13. Timjaroche

    Looking for a full week support driver registration please. Let me know, thank you!

  14. Lisa.Hendershott

    I have a week long pass to ride available!

  15. PeggyBensinger

    I have one wristband for sale. I also have a charter ride from the finish to the start I might be able to transfer to you. E-mail me at peggyb@maine.rr.com

  16. Cthomas303

    I have the following for sale –
    > weeklong rider pass
    > non rider pass
    > standard support vehicle PLUS trailer

    Please email me at cthomas.trek@yahoo.com. So bummed we can’t ride this year…

  17. Lisa.Hendershott

    I have a week long wrist band for sale. Please text me: 330-880-6066!

  18. ChrisK

    Hi, looking for two week long riding tickets. Don’t contact me if you actually want to make money on your ticket. There is something serious wrong with actually trying to do that.

  19. jarredwilliams1

    Looking for a week-long ride. Contact me via txt 5155285718

  20. marie.watters@hotmail.com

    Looking for day passes… 1-2 days July 24-26. Please contact me 832.748.7850.

  21. Mathildeh21964

    Looking to sell my weeklong ticket! I will sell it for the exact price, no questions asked! Please let me know if you’re interested! Email: hardym568@gmail.com

  22. miratomten

    I am looking to sell a weeklong wristband! Text me at 208 994 9496

  23. MichelleKirkegaard

    Need to purchase a non-rider wristband and a support vehicle with trailer pass. Please contact via text if you have these. Thanks!

  24. MichelleKirkegaard

    Sorry, forgot my number for non rider pass and support vehicle with trailer pass request 319-202-4966.

  25. nomadu

    Selling a week-long wristband! Text at 2243684831 :)

  26. jp3707

    Hi. I am currently selling my weeklong wristband. Due to change in travel plans, I will no longer be able to attend this year’s event. You can reach me at 708 400 6439 or jpeaco1@msn.com.

  27. tgarey55

    Hi. I am currently selling my weeklong RAGBRAI wristband and participant packet for $150. Due to change in life plans, I will no longer be able to attend this year’s event. You can reach me at 419.265.0517 or garvath@gmail.com

  28. tgarey55

    Hi. I am currently selling my weeklong RAGBRAI wristband and participant packet for $150. Due to change in life plans, I will no longer be able to attend this year’s event. You can reach me at 419.265.0517 or garvath@gmail.com

  29. Mcmullen.delia@gmail.com

    Im trying to sell/transfer 1 full week rider wristband. Text or call : 937-216-4273 to coordinate.

  30. brookew

    I have a weeklong wristband to sell. I paid $175 but will sell for $125. Live in the DSM area so can hand deliver. You can private message me here by clicking my username. Thanks!

  31. Mcmullen.delia@gmail.com

    Have a weeklong rider band trying to sell. Text or call 937-216-4273.

  32. CHuilman

    I have a weeklong rider band available for sale. Cedar Rapids area. Text or call 319-361-1507

  33. eggcarton

    Looking for a week long rider band for RAGBRAI 2023. Please contact me.

  34. Kaitlyn Clevenstine

    Hi! I’m looking for two week long rider passes. Or single day passes for sunday-Wednesday. Thanks!

  35. Alexa545

    I have two weeklong passes available. Call or text 612-807-7195.

  36. ScottPorter

    Looking to sell my weeklong pass. And my two friends also have passes needing to be sold. Thus, 1-3 available.
    Call or text Scott at 310.666.8893

  37. mjnivarel

    I have day passes for Tuesday July 25th and Wednesday July 26th available for sale. I have at least 2 pairs available. Email DsmMattN@gmail.com.

  38. dwyler

    selling week long rider wristband $100. call me at 310 892 7472 or email dwwyler@gmail.com

  39. Edaruszka

    **Week long pass available.** My friend can no longer make RAGBRAI. We are selling his pass for $200 or best offer. Please email me: erikdaruszka.accts@gmail.com. Can transfer tags over with EnMotive and I can meet you in person day of event to give you the physical tags. I will be camping at the start this Friday night, July 21!

  40. mcpartla

    I have followed the instructions but nothing is as it is stated. I do not get the information it says I will under either scenario.

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