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Zipline in Pella draws crowd

  • 25 July, 2013
  • Regina Zilbermints

It was a long wait for the zipline but RAGBRAI riders stuck in out in Pella.
Insurance issues kept a zipline that took up most of a block in Pella closed for much of the morning.
But there were still plenty of cyclists around to form a long line when in opened around 11:30 a.m.

Cody Cushman, 10, was the first to do down the zipline.
“It was scary,” he said. But fun, he added.
Tony Bakken, 38, was second after waiting two hours.
“I was great,” he said. “Worth the wait. I’d do it again.”
Riders lingered in Pella and organizers said they were happy with the event overall.
“It’s been fantastic,” said organizer Jill Vandervoort. “It’s pretty amazing.”

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