RAGBRAI XLII Countdown – July 20-26, 2014
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Online registration is CLOSED.  Day wristbands and non-rider wristbands can be purchased on the ride (based on availability).

To speed up your RAGBRAI Registration on the ride, you can download, print and fill out your daily wristband applications in advance.  Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted at the RAGBRAI Expo and the Trailers, while only cash or checks are accepted at the baggage trucks in the mornings.

To download the Daily Wristband Application


For minors, you must also submit the Minor Addendum


The registration tables will be at the RAGBRAI Expo in Rock Valley inside the High School.  Bands can be purchased for for all days that are available.  We currently have all days available.  The Vehicle Passes are SOLD OUT

Locations for the Information and Merchandise Trailers and Baggage Truck during the ride are below.  The trailers are open for daily wristband and non-rider wristband purchases at the RAGBRAI Information & Merchandise Trailers in the afternoon and evening from 1pm-8pm and the Baggage Truck is available for morning of the ride purchases from 5:30am-7:30am.  See locations below.

RAGBRAI Information & Merchandise Trailer Locations for Afternoon & Evening Purchases (1pm-8pm Daily)

Rock Valley
Rock Valley High School at the RAGBRAI Expo

Arnold’s Park Amusement Park at Preservation Plaza & Okoboji High School – Milford, IA

Soper Park in Downtown Emmetsburg & Iowa Lakes Community College

Forest City
Downtown Square & Hanson Field House on Waldorf College Campus

Mason City
Downtown Mason City in Central Park

Downtown Waverly & Wartburg University

River Walk Park & East/West Elementary Schools

Baggage Truck Locations for Morning of Ride Purchases (5:30am-7:30am Daily)

Rock Valley
Rock Valley Sports Complex (northeast edge of town on 17th Street)
Google Maps = 2107 17th St, Rock Valley, IA

Okoboji High School – Milford, IA (south end of football field on H Avenue)
Google Maps = 701 H Ave, Milford, IA

Iowa Lakes Community College (east side of campus off N. Superior Street)
Google Maps = N Superior St & Sunset Cir, Emmetsburg, IA

Forest City
Forest City Elementary School (grounds behind school off Spring Valley Road)
Google Maps = 34753 N. Spring Valley Road, Forest City, IA

Mason City
East Park (east side of Mason City off E. State Street)
Google Maps = S. Virginia Ave & 4th St. NE, Mason City, IA

Wartburg University (just east of football stadium)
Google maps = intersection of 5th Ave NW & 9th St. NW, Waverly, IA

East & West Elementary Schools (west side of town off 1st Street W)
Google maps = West Elementary School, Independence, IA

Selling or Transferring a Wristband?

https://entries.ragbrai.com/transfer.php Registration fees will become nonrefundable after May 15. To request a refund, contact the RAGBRAI office at info@ragbrai.com by May 15. A $25 processing fee per applicant is deducted for refunds. We suggest that you consider purchasing travel insurance. To receive a free quote visit the web site http://www.silentsportsinsurance.com/iTravel.aspx or seek other companies that might insure your travels. The assignment of numbers on the credentials coincide with the entry and waiver/release of liability that you signed, RAGBRAI is not in the business of reselling credentials. The sale of ride credentials is a private transaction, and RAGBRAI is not responsible for misunderstandings between the two parties, misplaced credentials, or the failure to transfer the credentials into the new owner’s name. The five week-long numbered credential items include a wristband, a bike band, a baggage tag, a bike license plate and a redeemable patch certificate A resold credential will not be valid unless it is officially transferred in the RAGBRAI office to the new owner before the event begins. This procedure not only transfers the wristband, but also the liability associated with it. To transfer a wristband, the new owner of the wristband must complete an online transfer form and submit waiver before the start of the ride in order to properly transfer the wristband to their name. If the online transfer form and waiver are not completed, the wristband and the liability for it will remain in the original purchaser’s name. MESSAGE BOARD on www.ragbrai.com Many people post messages looking to sell or buy credentials in this forum. You might be able to find a person that is looking to sell and transfer their credentials on the RAGBRAI message board. If you do purchase credentials through a private sale, the credentials MUST be transferred. E-mail RAGBRAI at info@ragbrai.com if you have questions about this procedure. Have you been selected in the RAGBRAI lottery? There are two ways to find the answer: 1)  Log-in and check your wristband number (and your teammates if you are the group contact) at Registration Login 2) or you can look up your wristband number with the lottery look-up at Lottery Look-Up Day Passes Day passes are not subject to the lottery process.  Below is a breakdown for each day of the ride.

  • Sunday, July 20 – Rock Valley to Okoboji – 69 miles (Day 1)
  • Monday, July 21 – Okoboji to Emmetsburg – 41 miles (Day 2)
  • Tuesday, July 22 – Emmetsburg to Forest City – 73 miles (Day 3)
  • Wednesday, July 23 – Forest City to Mason City – 41 miles (Day 4)
  • Thursday, July 24 – Mason City to Waverly – 63 miles (Day 5)
  • Friday, July 25 – Waverly to Independence – 68 miles (Day 6)
  • Saturday, July 26 – Independence to Guttenberg – 68 miles (Day 7)


  • $160 for a weeklong rider (riding all week) SOLD OUT
  • $35 for a weeklong non-rider (non-rider must be a member of a group, for support drivers and friends or family in support vehicle on the ride but not riding a bike)
  • $25 for daily passes (if you want to register for a partial week select the days you would like, you will receive a different colored, numbered wristband for each day you select)
  • $40 for weeklong vehicle pass (must have a vehicle pass to have access to the RAGBRAI campground with your vehicle during the ride, available to groups of 3 registered participants or more, the group contact must request the vehicle pass when submitting the group, vehicle pass cannot be purchase separately at a later time) SOLD OUT

Day wristbands and non-rider wristbands will be available for purchase on the ride at the RAGBRAI merchandise trailer or the registration table at the RAGBRAI expo. Our mailing address: RAGBRAI Fees 400 Locust Street, Suite 500 Des Moines, IA 50309

  • November 15, 2013—Registration for 2014 RAGBRAI opens
  • January 25, 2014—Route Announcement Party & Iowa Bike Expo
  • February 15, 2014—Deadline for paper applications
  • April 1, 2014—Deadline for weeklong riders
  • May 1, 2014—Lottery results posted
  • May 15, 2014—Deadline to request a registration refund
  • June 1, 2014—Deadline for online day registration
  • July 19, 2014—RAGBRAI Expo
  • July 20-26, 2014—XLII RAGBRAI

Registration Refunds: There is a $25 processing fee per participant for registration refunds.  After May 15, all registration fees are non-refundable.   Email us at info@ragbrai.com to request your registration refund.  Your refund will be sent to you in the form of a refund check.  If you are in a group, check with your group contact first.  Many times, the group contact will know of someone to purchase your wristband credentials.  Only individuals or the group contact can request a registration refund.  The group contact can request that a member’s refund check be sent to them or directly to the group member. Transfers: After May 15, you will be able to transfer your wristband credentials to someone else if you are not able to attend.  The wristband packets will be sent to the original participant in June.  The transfer of wristband credentials and money is between the two parties involved.  We will have our online transfer form on our website in June for the new owner to transfer the wristbands to their name.  The wristbands must be transferred to the new owner before the ride.  You can post wristbands for sale on our RAGBRAI forum. Wristband and merchandise packets: Your wristband and merchandise packet will be mailed to you by priority mail in June if you registered by April 1.  If you registered for day passes after April 1 your packet will be mailed to you before the ride.  If you are a member of a group, your wristband and merchandise packet will be mailed to the group contact of your group.  We will hold all international packets for pick up at the expo. You should receive:

  • All jerseys or cycling kits ordered with registration
  • Souvenir pack t-shirt and water bottle if ordered with registration (DVD & poster sent after the ride)
  • 2014 XLII participant guide
  • Weeklong riders will have  5 numbered credentials:  rider wristband, bike band, license plate, luggage tag, and redeemable patch certificate
  • Non-riders will have numbered non-rider wristband only
  • Day passes will have different colored, numbered rider wristband for each day selected, unnumbered bike band, unnumbered luggage tag, unnumbered license plate
  • All vehicle passes requested for the group will be sent to the group contact
  • Group contact will have a packing list so they can distribute the correct wristbands and merchandise to their group

Questions?  Contact us at info@ragbrai.com or call 515-284-8341


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