The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa


30 May

Wristband Transfer Form

mjepson - 3 comments

Wristband Transfers: If you are unable to participate in RAGBRAI, and missed the refund request deadline, you have the option to sell your wristband packet on our RAGBRAI Forum, Craigslist, or ...

28 Jul

Video: RAGBRAI cyclists dip their wheels at the end of 2018 route

Des Moines Register - 5 comments

Watch as cyclists dip their wheels in the Mississippi River on Saturday to mark the end of RAGBRAI.

28 Jul

Man brings cancer-victim’s ashes along on RAGBRAI

Dani Gehr - 4 comments

A cancer victim got to ride RAGBRAI this year postmortem with the help of someone who didn’t even know her. Scott Weber is helping out a friend, Chris Rodman, who wanted ...

28 Jul

For RAGBRAI cyclists, Iowa City or Ames? Cornfield or KYBO?

Linh Ta - 5 comments

Apple or strawberry pie? Winds or hills?

22 Jul

AAA Complimentary Light Service – Updated Phone Number – 563-213-4204

Scott Garner - 0 comments

The phone number to call for complimentary service has been updated.  Please call 563-213-4204 when you need service as a support crew driver.   Thank you to the folks from AAA ...

14 May

Be Heart Healthy, Get your Heart Checked

Andrea Parrott - 2 comments

Heart healthiness means a great deal to us here at Businessolver and also means a great deal to me personally. It hit home to us in a significant and real ...

29 Jul

When you’ve riden 411 miles, what’s .7 more? 

Kim Norvell - 1 comment

After 411 miles and seven days of the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, some cyclists chose to conquer one last, very steep hill. 

29 Jul

Riders conquer large hills in the bluffs of northeast Iowa

Kim Norvell - 3 comments

Riders were greeted with at least four intense climbs on the final day of RAGBRAI.

24 Jul

After a brief escape, Bacon the piglet is back at RAGBRAI ‘swine cuddles’ tent

Kelly McGowan - 0 comments

WEST BEND, Ia. — Bacon was the piglet that (almost) got away. One of two piglets in the Northwest Iowa Badgers baseball club’s “swine cuddles” tent was apprehended after an escape ...

23 Jul

RAGBRAI Mile of Silence: Riders remember those killed or injured

Kelly McGowan - 0 comments

GRANVILLE, Ia — Stereos were silenced and conversations quieted Sunday as cyclists passed through the Mile of Silence during the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. The mile, which stretched ...

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