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RAGBRAI Appreciates the Generosity Shown by Carson King, will Pledge $50,000 Toward Goal for Children's Hospital

  • 27 September, 2019
  • TJ Juskiewicz

RAGBRAI appreciates the generosity shown by Carson King, who, through his fundraising, has inspired others with his passion and dedication for helping those in need. In support of his efforts, RAGBRAI is naming the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital as our charitable cause for the upcoming RAGBRAI events. Through the proceeds from these events, RAGBRAI will pledge $50,000 toward their $2,000,000 goal.

We are proud to support the Children’s Hospital, a member of the RAGBRAI Nation and 2017 RIDE RIGHT Team of the Year. RAGBRAI has been committed to driving positive impact in our communities across the state of Iowa for the last 47 years and we look forward to continuing that legacy for years to come.


Thank you,

TJ Juskiewicz
RAGBRAI Director



  1. SFC JKL 2

    Thanks TJ

  2. Brandon Kleinmeyer

    Unfortunately as part of the Des Moines Register, RAGBRAI is in the cross-hairs of their stupidity. The boycott of the DMR is going to extend to RAGBRAI and it will not stop until public apologies are made and Carol Hunter is gone. RAGBRAI needs to form a separate entity and cut ties with the DMR. If they have any class, the DMR will sign their trademark over to the newly formed entity. This $50,000 is nothing but a show with the intention of absolving the DMR without them actually having to do anything. http://www.facebook.com/groups/shutdowndmr

  3. rogerness

    This is a solid effort to a great cause. Thanks, TJ and RAGBRAI. It’s a good day to go cycling…

  4. Papa T

    Great gesture TJ!. Sorry the DMR REALLY bit the big one on this! But, I’ll see you next year as always. Did I mention I cannot wait?..

  5. James Wilson

    I am with Brandon on this. I am seriously debating whether or not to do RAGBRAI next year. Maybe it would be a good year to try the Bike Across Kansas, Bike Across Nebraska, or Bike Across Minnesota, etc. Very disappointed in the DMR. If they got rid of the editor or their was a disassociation between RAGBRAI and the DMR I wouldn’t have this problem. Until one of those two things occur, I am considering at least skipping RAGBRAI.

  6. Brian Wallenburg

    ….and now the forum is gone, all these riders from around the globe can’t even get together and talk about the good of RAGBRAI. Nice job TJ, great cause, and a great way to show support!

  7. James Wilson

    I think what happened today was inevitable. I grew up wanting to ride RAGBRAI and finally got the chance for the last 3 years. Riding RAGBRAI thru every town reminded me of growing up in a small town where everyone was friendly and always welcoming. It showed off Iowa’s greatest “attraction” – the friendly welcoming people. On the other hand it was owned by the DMR – which IMO diverted from these friendly small agriculture towns long ago. Sometimes it takes a situation like the Carson King to just cut the last string that was still connecting the two. Iowa’s Ride – its perfect because it wasn’t the Register’s ride in a long time. It was Iowa’s Ride for at least the three years I rode it.

  8. Johnnyd11

    What the heck am I supposed to do now? RAGBRAI or the Iowa Ride? I have gone with the Bike World Charter 13 of the 14 years that I’ve participated in RAGBRAI going back to 1998. I’ve eaten Iowa pork chops and corn and a lot of great pie. I’ve supported the local Boy Scouts, high schools, fire departments, and the Knights of Columbus. I’ve slept in Hawarden to Burlington and covered 6,324+ miles throughout the state on two wheels and I’ve made some great friends along the way.

    Do I like RAGBRAI? Of course. Is everything about RAGBRAI perfect? No way. There are many things I don’t like about it. Do I agree with everything that the Des Moines Register stands for and prints? Heck no.

    I live in Southwest Florida and subscribe to the same “Gannett” family of papers as the Register (Fort Myers News Press). I don’t like Gannett, but it’s my only choice for local news in my area. Yes, Gannett makes a lot of mistakes, and is probably one of those media conglomerates that President Trump calls “fake news.” I’m sure that Gannett and the Des Moines Register have made a lot of mistakes even before Carson King or Aaron Calvin were ever born!

    I have also met T.J. Juskiewicz. I think he and his staff have done an amazing job organizing the largest bicycle ride in the world. However, they were employees of the Register. I can understand the paper’s desire and direction to have him stay quiet and stick to specific talking points when dealing with this sensitive blunder by the paper. But is that any reason to quit your job and start another “bicycle ride across Iowa the same week as RAGBRAI?” I don’t think so. Hey… what that’s only one man’s opinion… and you know what they say about opinions.

    What the hell is going on in this world? Kids can’t pray in school any more. Statues of former American leaders are being torn down because they were slave owners 200 years ago. Pete Rose will never get into the baseball hall of fame. And some Register reporter digs up trash (and is fired for HIS OWN racist tweets) about a kid that has raised three million dollars for the University of Iowa Children’s hospital causes us to now have two rides across Iowa? RIDICULOUS.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t quote the bible but I will anyway, Jesus (allegedly) once said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” Yes, mistakes were made. The newspaper has taken a heavy hit. Yet there are sinners and rock throwers throughout this entire fiasco.

    I’ll never buy another Busch beer again (oh wait… they own Michelob Ultra and I love Ultra)? Principles are one thing, but life is too short and I doubt I will ever stop eating red meat and smoking cigarettes.

    Perhaps I should consider a different state to ride in next July?

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