Changing Your Email Address

Someone had asked about how to change your email address.

I’ve been playing with my ID and email address on the RAGBRAI website and there are actually 2 places to update the email address.

1) After logging in you can click on the white box that says “My Account” on the upper right. Under where it shows your email address to the right of your picture, click on “Edit Profile”. Then there is a link bottom left for settings to click on. You can then change your email in that location. Important to hit the save button.

2) ALSO you can click on the “RAGBRAI Account” in white letters above the white “My Account” box. On the left under where it says “My Account” at second from the bottom, you can click on “Account details” there is a 2nd copy of your email address. Change it and click save at the bottom.

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